NEUROTIC 2012 SPRING DATES March 12th, 2012

4 New H-Gigs with the capital H are confirmed featuring
The New Singer LUPO
The very Special Guest VITTORIO DAL SANTO (ex-Arcadia, Eden Beast)


The band is proud and happy for sharing these gigs with one of the best death metal bassist in Monferrato Area.
After the split with Eden Beast band he performed the "Roy Philip Tour" with ARCADIA ( and recorded three songs of them before completing the experience.
Mr. Vittorio Dal Santo will tour with the H-band during these spring concerts and they'll play a brand new song titled JAIL MEAT that will be included in the next full length album.

The band will perform the following set list


The new H-Single "NEUROTIC" will be available for sale phisically


NEUROTIC 2012 ON AIR...LISTEN!!! February 26th, 2012

Preview on air thanx to METAL WAVE RADIO by

- Voice
H-GEORGE - Guitars & Voice
DAVIDE CARNISIO - 5 Strings & Voice
CARLOS - Drums

7 Neuro-Versions of the Alcoholic Thrash Metal Hit Single

1 Neurotic 2012
2 Neurotic 2009
3 Neurotic 2008
4 Neurotic Karaoke
5 Neurotic for Guitarists
6 Neurotic for Drummers
7 Neurotic Play With Me by Carlos


€ 5,00 + shipping costs


NEW SINGER = NEW SINGLE January 16th, 2012

Just finished in arranging 8 brand new songs.
The H-Boys are ready to enter the recording studio
for working on the new H-Album featuring the new singer

"At the time to pre-producing the new H-songs, Max couldn't give his cooperation as he did for the first album
because he was busy with Bad Bones Band.
So, we thought about what we got: the singular aggression style by TREVOR,
the '80s Rock voice by MAX and this time we'll be playing with the Alcoholic Roaring à là Lemmy (Motorhead) engaging LUPO for singing the H in recording studio and every where on the road!"



MERRY H-MAS DEALS December 8th, 2011

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PROUDLY SUPER H-EDITION April the 1st, 2011




SUPER H-EDITION IS COMING March the 1st, 2011

”SLAVE OF SOCIETY SUPER H-EDITION” it’s an “all in one CD” featuring “NEUROTIC” & “SLAVE OF SOCIETY” CD for celebrating the Bill2Kill Records deal; the album is going to be released on April 2011 supported by NADIR Promotion.


DONNO IS THE 5th H-MEMBER June the 21st, 2010

The band is glad to introduce DONNO as H-GEORGE’s second drummer!
Donno is going to perform the METAL THRASHING MAD FESTIVAL as his first gig with the band…so, let’s help him and say HI to DONNO if you’ll come over there.





June 7th, 2010

As everybody knows CARLOS is working with ANNIHILATOR as touring drummer and this is going to keep him very busy on the drums with the Canadian thrash metal band.
So, the band is working on finding the next H-DRUMMER for replacing Carlos while he’s off but this doesn’t mean Carlos is leaving the H-Band!!!

H-George says: “I’m very proud of Carlos, he’s having a great time and I think this chance is right to him because he’s always put all his own into the music since 1991 and I’m pretty sure he will melt your face on stage performing Annihilator. Before he left our country we set the future of the band and I’m so excited to share the new H-GEORGE dimension in music communication, follow us!”

Listen to H-George



The Metal Thrashing Mad Festival 2010 edition is going to be placed as the previous year in Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Italy)  at Favre Sugar Show with a very important headliner at the end of these two days event: NODE band from Milan.
H-GEORGE is the fourth band on July 10th and the H-BOYS will be glad to share this event with all of you guys who want to get drunk by the alcoholic thrash metal headbanging.
For more information about the festival you can click on the flyer and surfing the official myspace page

July 9th artists:                                                                 
UL MIK LONGOBARDEATH                                     

July 10th artists:     
Brain Dead
Game Over
Post Execution


SLAVE OF SOCIETY December 8th, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen we're proud to announce the first Full H-Album is now available worldwide: Have Fun!!!



NEW SITE IS H-ERE May 22th, 2010

New site is brewed. Enjoy!!!



Silent months have gone and H-GEORGE arrives with freshy summer loud news!
The Alcoholic Thrash Metal Band from Monferrato Area got his own logo, kindly brewed by the neurotic killer guitarist Mr. H-George.

The band is going to release his first full length album titled “SLAVE OF SOCIETY” featuring 12 new stunning amazing songs plus the still well known “NEUROTIC” track completely re-recorded.
The scheduled date is not available yet but more news will appear after August 2009 when the cover artwork
will be displayed.

Artwork design by Davide Nadalin for NERVE DESIGN Studio


FEMALE EVENT March 8th,2009

H-George is happy for the great Mixing & Mastering realized by Mr. Jeff Waters and while he’s waiting for a nice deal for releasing his first full length album, proudly he announces the time for HAPPY HOUR!

“NEUROTIC” CD/DVD just Euro 5,00

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YEAH!!! This is H-GEORGE’s HAPPY HOUR but the H-George’s hour runs for a WEEK!!! UNDERSTOOD?!?!!!!

From March the 8th 2009 till March the 15th 2009 press the FEMALE BUTTON below and order your copy for Euro 5,00+shipping costs!!!

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MERRY H-MAS & HAPPY H-YEAR December the 25th,2008

It's time for having a break: after two long years spent between compositions, recording studios,reharsing, booking gigs, building the band, investing money, releasing the first production and planning the next one,
H-George will celebrate the H-mas holidays waiting for Jeff Waters' mixing work.
Everybody knows H-George's next steps for turning in a true band, just not a guitarist project and by the way
Max, George, Davide and Carlos wanna thanx all those guys who helped them going on playing Alcoholic Thrash Metal music:

(Alphabetical order) Alessandro Lestino at Musiclab Recording Studio in Settimo (TO), Andrea from "Legione Nera" in Mathi (TO), Fabrizio at New Sound Factory in Turin, Gabry of May die band in Turin,
HVR in Turin, Luca Pisanu in Murisengo (AL), Manuela and Mr.Renzo at Garage 56 in Udine, Max666 from, Mezzi in Lauriano (TO),Michela & Gus in Busto Arsizio (VA), Nuts at Dharamshala in Tronzano (VC), Tony at Il Peocio in Trofarello (TO), Trevor and Nadir promotion in Rossiglione (GE), Wally and Good Music production in La Loggia (TO), all the web reviewers and mags that reviewed bad or good "Neurotic" record,
all of you who is trading H-George's stuff and all of you who is reading these lines.

Merry merry H-Mas and many wishes for an amazing H-Year by the band H-GEORGE!


H-SHIRT NOW AVAILABLE December the 5th, 2008

Ladies, Gentlemen and Babies your H-Mas present has arrived!!!
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H-GEORGE & JEFF WATERS October the 23rd, 2008

The new album composed by the following songs
(the correct tracks list and the album's title will be revealed soon):

“(In)Sanity homicide”
“Death Penalty”, “Hate”
“Run or you’re dead”
“Dirty money
“Kill your son”
“Slave of society”

will be mixed and mastered on December 2008 by ANNIHILATOR's mastermind,
Mr. JEFF WATERS in Canada at watersound studios.



Yeah, August has been a very busy month for H-George production, the band entered Musicalb recording studio on August the 1st starting rhythm guitar sessions; Carlos and George spent two full days for confirming their H-Sound using KRANK amp, cabinet and LTD guitar adding a classic SM57 and NT1 mic. In 6 days the axe man signed 13 songs including the second rhythm guitars and solo/lead lines, not bad for his second studio experience!
H-George: “I didn’t expect my recordings so fast, I was playing and my stuff was good at first or second take…amazing! I was excited to see my work was going on good and quick: when you record your album, you want every step at its best but sometimes your performance is not as you want to listen to and so, you need to repeat that part one, two, three….or many many times before you can say ok. In a record your play has to be stronger than on stage performance because your audience is listening to you just from the ears and it’s impossible to see you’re playing, so you have to express more your notes and rythms for giving your right musical intention.”

No break for Carlos and the day after is Davide’s day for bass recording sessions!

Davide: “I saw how Carlos uses to work with artists in recording studio; he’s precise, he pretends but he makes all possible to set you ok and free to play in your style spending a lot of time to understand wich way is better to work with. I relaxed myself after a couple of hours and I completed my stuff in three days, wow!”

Carlos: “I’m really satisfied of Davide’s work and George is agree with me. After these sessions I started to build up my drum for recording my parts between a voice recording session and some arrangements we did during the daily listening; one of these has been the idea of calling our H-Friends for realizing the H-Choirs and keep a good memory in our album, it has been fantastic met these guys from all over the Monferrato Area.
Unfortunately I met some difficults working with Edgar at the voice and after some takes I and George decided to stop our collaboration with him wishing him a good musical future.”

So, Carlos ended the drum recording session while the band was looking for a new singer able to scream the new H-GEORGE reality: MAX is the new H-Singer with a powerful voice that remembers Hard Rock and Heavy Metal pure style combined in a Thrash Metal Scream, the right goal George and Carloswas looking for!

Max: “I saw an H-George’s show in Monferrato Area: they played loud, precise and wild. When they asked me to join the band I’ve been very proud to start a new adventure between beer and music; the first song I tried to perform was “Neurotic”. It’s been hard to sing different than Mr.Trevor but they let me free to sing it as I liked…when they told me I had to learn 12  more songs I opened my fridge and I had fun.”

H-GEORGE - Guitar and Voice

CARLOS – Drums

DAVIDE CARNISIO – 5 Strings and Voice

MAX - Voice

Carlos won't mix the songs this time...WHO?!?
More news coming soon!


August the 1st, 2008

On August the 1st H-George will enter the Musiclab recording studio in Settimo Torinese (Torino, Italy) to realize his first full length album featuring twelve new alcoholic songs! Two of these brand new songs has been still performed on stage by the band and if you enjoyed one of these alcoholic events you can remember "KILL YOUR SON" and "TERRORISM". Thanx to the life on stage the band is well consolidated to work together and after these months H-George and Carlos turned more serious to work in this alcoholic thrash band; "Neurotic" CD/DVD received many good credits by the audience on stage, by the mag and webzine on the net. Everybody used to talk good about H-George's first record experience because the DVD has been a right way to show H-George's passion for MUSIC and the needing to play his stuff at any cost with no compromises and no influences from the contemporary metal wave music. So, the digital download service could be a cheap solution to buy H-George CD but you won't enter completely into the pit of H-George's alcoholic thrash metal mind. Just because this album has been created during these months playing with the band on stage, H-George guitarist monicker will turn in H-George as a monicker of the band for the next release!
Carlos will take care of the whole recording session helping George to show you his new thrashy sound well arranged by his alcoholic metal gear "KRANK" amps and cabinet and LTD guitars. Then it will be the time for Davide to put in this record his ESP bass sound; as everybody knows by the pics post in this site, Davide uses AMPEG amps and cabinet thanx to Steve DiGiorgio's advices. Edgar will record his lyrics parts with the help of George for giving Carlos a little break just for gaining energy to record his stunning alcoholic drum parts! Ok, everything is well explained! If this is your first time here…run to buy "NEUROTIC" and have fun with the music and documentary DVD included…but…if you are experienced in H-GEORGE's stuff, run to tell everybody to buy "NEUROTIC" because H-George will record this full length album thanx to all of you, dear customers!!! Well, don't think it's over: incredible surprises will happen during this session…the only way to know more about H-GEORGE next steps is staying tuned with this site first of all, then you can surf the myspace page too. The album's title, the track list and the number of beers drank on August will be revealed soon!

P.S. Somebody asked about a new DVD or video…It will be.


March the 6th, 2008

Thanx to LE ROGGE music club placed in Villanova Monferrato (Italy, Piedmont), H-George has been able to have a live music party to celebrate "NEUROTIC" release! H-George performed one hour gig playing the whole album and adding four well known thrash metal evergreen songs taken from different famous bands; thanks to this event H-George introduced officially his musicians they are helping him to play his stuff on ITALIAN NEUROTOUR 2008. In the same event the band performed a new song totally composed by George and arranged together titled "KILL YOUR SON"! "Kill your son" talks about mothers they use to kill her little child because they are not able to keep a responsability and due to this problem they try to solve it thinking to a murder solution. "Kill your son" is a classical H-George mid tempo composition with a melody fast and groovy guitar solo and "KILL" chorus. ENJOY it ON STAGE, follow the ITALIAN NEUROTOUR 2008!!!


February the 13th, 2008

"NEUROTIC" Maxi CD including a 30 minutes DVD featuring CARLOS and TREVOR is out! This is a right occasion to open up a bottle of BEER!


February the 4th, 2008

Hello everybody, H-George official web site is online at your own risk! Buckle Up and enjoy this stuff adding a fresh beer close to your internet station, don't drive later!